Welcome To AORecipeBook!

Anarchy Online In-Game Recipe/Tradeskill Bot

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How To Use RecipeBook In-Game Bot

While in-game Recipebook can be accessed by sending the bot a tell, the folowing are examples of the most common commands.
/tell recipebook help - This command will show you the in-game help file.
/tell recipebook menu - This command will show you a menu of all the sections of RecipeBook.
/tell recipebook search <your search term> - This command will conduct a search for through all the content on Recipebook for <your search term>.
/tell recipebook about - This command will give you more information about Recipebook.
/tell recipebook report - This command will show you the diffrent types of reports you can send to the Recipebook Team.
/tell recipebook credits - This command will show you the Recipebook credits page.

How To Use RecipeBook Website

Currently this website is here for information on how to use the bot and show it's features, On the next update there will be a search feature on the website as well that will be able to show you similar information that is contained on the bot. There are forums you can visit to report bugs while not in-game or to say hello.


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